Libyan leaders of all stripes to meet in Dakar for peace talks

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Libyan leaders of all stripes to meet in Dakar for peace talks

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"Libyan leaders of all stripes to meet in Dakar for peace talks"

ARTICLE  published by  The Times
Anthony Loyd







Scores of Libyan militia commanders and tribal and political leaders are planning to meet in the next six weeks to try to breathe life into an independent peace initiative.

The meeting, in the Senegalese capital Dakar, is the latest tentative step in a peace plan that aims to put Libyans in the driving seat, rather than the United Nations or European governments.

“Only Libyans can solve this problem,” said Jean-Yves Ollivier, 73, the French chairman of the Brazzaville Foundation, which specialises in peace initiatives in Africa and which has organised the Dakar meeting. “It is not my role to tell them how to do so, nor do I seek to undermine anyone else’s efforts. I am here as a facilitator, to allow Libyans from all sides to meet and decide how best to solve their future. We have to get away from the western appreciations of what political system should be established in Libya.”


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