2020- 2023 The Lomé Initiative

Objectives of the Lomé Initiative

  • To introduce legislation to criminalise the traffic in substandard and falsified medicines and impose tough criminal penalties.
  • To sign and ratify relevant international agreements, including the Medicrime Convention and the Palermo Convention Against Transnational Organised Crime.
  • To establish inter-agency mechanisms at national level to ensure vigorous enforcement of the new legislation and improve cooperation among states.

Lomé Summit

  • On 18 January, 2020, the governments of Congo, Gambia, Ghana, Niger, Uganda, Senegal and Togo signed a political declaration committing to take action on falsified and substandard medicines, known as the Lomé Initiative.
  • The States mandated the Foundation to support the Lomé Initiative and its follow-up.

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Expected outcomes of the Lomé Iniative

  • Undertake an audit of existing legislation to identify gaps and make recommendations on new/additional legislation rather than impose them.
  • Not duplicate but support existing relevant international agreements and the ratification of the African Medicines Agency.
  • Encourage other African states to join this initiative.
  • Activities are to be implemented through a framework agreement among the various participating states and the recommendations from an ongoing legislative audit.
  • First phase of a long-term commitment to reduce poor-quality medicine, which builds upon a historic commitment since the 2017 Oyo Declaration, the 2018 London Symposium and a preparatory meeting in Marrakesh in 2019.
  • In 2021 the Brazzaville Foundation will launch a youth consultation in Africa which will be both an awareness campaign on issues related to medicines, and a call to action to find solutions against the market of falsified and substandard medicines. The consultation will be followed by a forum to showcase and reward the most promising projects.

Support document

The Heads of State and their senior representatives with Mr. Omar Hilale, Vice-President of the Executive Board of UNICEF, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Director-General of WHO, HRH Prince Michael of Kent, Royal Patron of the Foundation and Mr. Jean-Yves Ollivier, Founding chairman.