Annual meeting of Directors of Pharmacy and Medicines and Directors of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agencies from French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa

7-8 April, Cotonou (Benin) - Organised by Les Entreprises du médicament* (LEEM-France), this meeting brought together directors of pharmacy and medicines and directors of pharmaceutical regulatory agencies, as well as representatives of stakeholder ministries and representatives of pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors.


Four Lomé Initiative signatory states (Congo-B, Niger, Senegal, Togo) as well as one candidate country (DRC) participated.

The objective was to improve coordination with senior officials and the various public and private actors in the fight against fake medicines in Africa. The meeting was structured over two days around three central themes:

  • Harmonisation of regulations at sub-regional and continental level with recent developments in West Africa (WAEMU) and Central Africa (CEMAC)
  • The establishment of the African Medicines Agency (AMA), its progress and impact on national and regional agencies
  •  The fight against falsified and substandard medicines (FQIM).


The Brazzaville Foundation benefited from the presence of the directors of the Republic of Congo, Niger, Senegal and Togo to prepare an information folder for the Ministers of Health which included the following elements:

  • Report on the high-level roundtable held on 25 May 2021 alongside the World Health Assembly
  • Lomé Initiative presentation brochure
  • Summary note by country of signatures and ratifications of international treaties
  • Note on legislative audit per country


The Chief Executive of the Brazzaville Foundation was in charge of the concluding session. On behalf of the Minister of Health of Togo, Dr Bernardin Nyansa, Director of Pharmacy of Togo invited the participants to meet again in Lomé in April 2023.


LEEM Cotonou 202204 

Family photo of the annual meeting of Directors of Pharmacy and Medicines and Directors of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agencies from French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa


*Founded more than 130 years ago, the LEEM now has nearly 270 member companies, which account for almost 98% of total drug sales in France. The pharmaceutical industry employs 100,000 people in more than 150 professions, and has been recruiting 10,000 employees per year for the past 10 years. The role of the LEEM is to facilitate exchanges between its members, to defend their collective interests and to strengthen links with the other health professions. One of the LEEM's missions is to draw up and respect the ethics of professional practices in the pharmaceutical industry. The LEEM ensures that the ethical rules of the profession are respected and that pharmaceutical companies comply with the provisions of the codes of good conduct.

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