The Foundation launches its five-year report

On the occasion of its 5th anniversary, the Brazzaville Foundation launches its first report entitled "Partnering with Africa" to look back on its actions and project its future ambitions.


Since its creation in 2014 and its registration with the Charity Commission in 2015, the Foundation believes in the enormous potential of the African continent. Its activities over the past five years have underlined its unfailing commitment to promote and support African initiatives in conflict resolution, environmental protection and the improvement of the health and well-being of populations.

Through its partnerships, the Brazzaville Foundation supports the implementation of initiatives and programmes responding to the challenges of the African continent. Discover a preview of a double-page spread of the report, available from January 2020:

   Peace ➔

Thanks to the work of its Founding President and the eminent members of its Advisory Board, the Foundation is known as a diplomatic player in civil society. "Getting people talking about the irreconcilable", the "Ollivier method's" mantra based on the experiences of the Founding President, guides the peace initiatives supported by the Foundation: inter-Libyan dialogue, hostage mediation and intercultural dialogue.


 Environment  ➔

Biodiversity and species conservation require inclusive solutions involving local communities and support to increase the level of human development in a sustainable manner. In 2016, the Foundation initiated the creation of a Blue Fund for the world's second largest lung, the Congo Basin, and is currently supporting the Congo Basin Climate Commission in its operationalisation. The Foundation also worked in partnership with the NGO Stop Ivory to promote the Elephant Protection Initiative, aimed at stopping poaching and the illegal ivory trade.


The trafficking of falsified and substandard medicines is a serious threat to individuals, families, communities and nations. On the occasion of the Lomé Summit on 18th January 2020, the Foundation launched the Lomé Initiative with the aim of putting in place the necessary legislation to criminalise the trafficking of falsified and substandard medicines on the continent. African governments and other key actors from the public and private sectors and civil society are working together to combat this major public health scourge and provide patients with essential medicines and quality healthcare.

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The work of Kabiné Komara, in charge of the Observation Mi…


Kabiné Komara, former Prime Minister of Guinea and member of the Brazzaville Foundation's Advisory Board, led the Election Observation Mission to Burkina Faso on November 22, 2020.


The Brazzaville Foundation becomes a full member of CoNGO


The Foundation joins the Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations (CoNGO) in order to participate in the debates and decision-making of the United Nations.


The Foundation launches its five-year report


On the occasion of its 5th anniversary, the Brazzaville Foundation launches its first report entitled "Partnering with Africa" to look back on its actions and project its future ambitions.


Dr. Aminata Touré joins the Advisory Board


Dr. Aminata Touré joins the Advisory Board of the Brazzaville Foundation. Former Prime Minister of Senegal from 2013 to 2014, she was recently President of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council of Senegal.


Three new Trustees strengthen the Foundation’s governance


At the Board of Trustees meeting on 15 September, HRH Prince Michael of Kent and Mr. Jean-Yves Ollivier, Founding Chairman, welcomed Mrs. Martine Chayriguès (France), M. Tim Perry (United Kingdom) and M. Kishore Sakhrani (Canada) as the new trustees of the Brazzaville Foundation.


21 September: International Day of Peace


The United Nations invites people to celebrate peace every 21 September. Today, the organisation is also celebrating its 75th anniversary in New York, on the occasion of the opening of its General Assembly under the theme: "Shaping Peace Together". ...


World Elephant Day: species still endangered


Today, 12 of August, is the World Elephant Day. The lives of those huge, fascinating animals are threatened by poaching and habitat loss.


18 July 2020, a day to remember Mandela


On 18 July each year, the United Nations invites us to mark Nelson Mandela International Day by taking positive action in our communities.


Ratification of the Lomé Initiative by the Senegal


In an interview with the Financial Times, President Macky Sall announces the ratification of the Lomé Initiative, launched on 17 and 18 January 2020 in Lomé.


Libyan Peace Process : Ollivier method


"Getting the irreconcilable discussed." This is one of the mantras of the "Ollivier method" reported in an article by Jihad Gillon, journalist at Jeune Afrique,


The future evolution of our website


In order to better inform you, the Foundation's website will undergo a first evolution in the coming days. Discover the word of the executive director, Richard Amalvy.


Covid-19: a catalyst for a more equitable investment? by O…


Oliver Scutt, member of the Foundation's Board of Trustees, publishes a reflection on post-Covid investment in Philanthropy impact magazine.