The future evolution of our website

Dear visitors and web users,

In order to better inform you, our site will undergo a first evolution in the coming days. 


Its presentation and navigation modes will therefore change, and new sharing functionalities will appear.

Several of our friends wanted us to put more emphasis on the action we are taking. We have taken their opinions into account and the future navigation bar and home page will reflect this wish.

The international health crisis has further validated action against falsified and substandard medicines. The Lomé initiative, which is very promising, therefore needs greater visibility and a new, more didactic space will be created.

Finally, the section on partnerships will also be revised. Partnerships between institutions have a term, linked to the duration of the projects carried out jointly. We are going to make better use of existing partnerships.

Thank you for reading us regularly. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your opinions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Richard Amalvy
Chief executive

Three new Trustees strengthen the Foundation’s governance


At the Board of Trustees meeting on 15 September, HRH Prince Michael of Kent and Mr. Jean-Yves Ollivier, Founding Chairman, welcomed Mrs. Martine Chayriguès (France), M. Tim Perry (United Kingdom) and M. Kishore Sakhrani (Canada) as the new trustees of the Brazzaville Foundation.   ...


21 September: International Day of Peace


The United Nations invites people to celebrate peace every 21 September. Today, the organisation is also celebrating its 75th anniversary in New York, on the occasion of the opening of its General Assembly under the theme: "Shaping Peace Together". ...


World Elephant Day: species still endangered


Today, 12 of August, is the World Elephant Day. The lives of those huge, fascinating animals are threatened by poaching and habitat loss.


18 July 2020, a day to remember Mandela


On 18 July each year, the United Nations invites us to mark Nelson Mandela International Day by taking positive action in our communities.


Ratification of the Lomé Initiative by the Senegal


In an interview with the Financial Times, President Macky Sall announces the ratification of the Lomé Initiative, launched on 17 and 18 January 2020 in Lomé.


Libyan Peace Process : Ollivier method


"Getting the irreconcilable discussed." This is one of the mantras of the "Ollivier method" reported in an article by Jihad Gillon, journalist at Jeune Afrique,


The future evolution of our website


Dear visitors and web users, In order to better inform you, our site will undergo a first evolution in the coming days. 


Covid-19: a catalyst for a more equitable investment? by O…


Oliver Scutt, member of the Foundation's Board of Trustees, publishes a reflection on post-Covid investment in Philanthropy impact magazine. 


Richard Amalvy appointed as new Chief executive of the Fou…


The Board of Trustees of the Brazzaville Foundation has appointed Mr. Richard Amalvy to the position of Chief executive.


Webinar on fake medicines on the 05th June 2020 at 05.00PM…


The Brazzaville Foundation co-organises a webinar on Covid-19 and fake medicines with the Women in Africa Initiative.


Philip Prettejohn, Honorary member of the Advisory Board


Trustee since the creation of the Foundation, Philip Prettejohn made Honorary member of the Advisory Board  


The Brazzaville Foundation and the DOC Research Institute …


We are pleased to announce the signature of a partnership agreement with the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute.