Environmental conservation

Climate Change

  • Climate change can contribute to economic hardship and provoke conflict through drought, food insecurity and forced migration.
  • Climate change is expected to have a greater impact on the African continent that anywhere else, yet Africa has so far received the smallest proportion of linternational funds committed to climate change mitigation.

Biodiversity loss & conflict

  • Changes in biodiversity since the 1950s due to human activities have been more rapid than at any time in human history.
  • Much of this loss has been drive by pressures such as population and economic growth and land-use changes.
  • These pressures are anticipated to escalate as growing human populations put pressure on Earth’s finite resources.
  • Half of global population growth during 2015-2050 will be concentrated in just nine countries, including several conflict-affected countries such as Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria.

The Brazzaville Foundation's Approach

  • Stimming the loss and conserving species will require co-ordinated international responses, inclusive solutions which engage the local communities, and support to increase the level of human societal development in a sustainable manner.
  • The Foundation launched the Congo Blue Basin Fund and is developing a major cross-border conservation project in Central Africa.