Conflict Resolution

Surge in Violence

Inter-dependent world

  • Recent years have seen a surge in violent conflicts which have left a trail of human suffering and displacement.
  • In an inter-dependent world where flows of capital, information and people across borders mean that conflicts are rarely localised, conflict prevention and resolution are vitally important.

Conflict resolution as seen by the expert members of the Advisory Council of the Brazzaville Foundation.

The Brazzaville Foundation’s Approach

Discreet, independent and impartial.

  • Our experience has shown that independent, impartial and discreet efforts to build dialogue and understanding are vital in achieving peaceful solutions to potential conflicts.
  • The Foundation acts as an honest broker, helping protagonists to find ways of talking to each other and arriving at a common basis for a peaceful future.
  • Based on the experience of its Founding Chairman, Jean-Yves Ollivier, and of its Advisory Board members, the Foundation is a neutral intermediary to help conflict stakeholders find common ground and build the peaceful foundations for their common future.

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Hostage mediation

Due to the sensitive nature of the actions, and for obvious reasons of safety of those involved, the Foundation may not report on all of its conflict resolution activities when the action is in progress.