Working for Peace, Prosperity and Conservation in Africa and beyond

Our Goal

To develop initiatives which support African leaders in meeting some of the key challenges facing the continent, including sustainable development, health, conservation and conflict prevention, and bring countries and people together in peaceful cooperation.

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The Foundation takes its name and inspiration from the Brazzaville Accords signed in the Congolese capital on 13 December 1988. A key moment in the history of modern Africa, they were an example of Africans themselves taking the lead in negotiating a peaceful settlement of the conflicts in southern Africa and paved the way for the release of Nelson Mandela and an end to apartheid. The Foundation’s chairman, Jean-Yves Ollivier, who had an important behind-the-scenes role in persuading the key figures to meet in Brazzaville, launched the Foundation in 2014/5.
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Our people

The Brazzaville Foundation is managed by an experienced Board of Trustees, supported by a Chief Executive and an international Advisory Board made up of highly distinguished individuals whose experience and expertise enable them to give guidance to the Foundation and assist it in its work. Our Patron is HRH Prince Michael of Kent GCVO.
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Our Activities

The Foundation operates as both catalyst and advocate, generating ideas and initiatives and using its network of advisers and contacts to seek high level support and buy-in. It works with its partners to develop and implement its initiatives.
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The traffic in falsified medicines

Since 2017, the Foundation has been committed to helping tackle the growing problem of substandard and falsified medicines in Africa. It recently launched the Lomé Initiative.

Sustainable Development in the Congo Basin

In 2016 the Foundation devised a major sustainable development initiative, the Congo Basin Blue Fund, which is being taken forward by more than a dozen African countries and has been endorsed by the African Union as one of its climate change priorities. It is currently the subject of a major feasibility study under UNDP auspices.

Conflict Prevention

At a meeting in Dakar in May 2018, the Foundation brought together Libyans from across the political spectrum to start an intra-Libyan dialogue. This dialogue is designed to promote rapprochement and reconciliation among the Libyans themselves, which is vital if international negotiations on a political settlement are to succeed.

Elephant Protection Work

Working with the NGO Stop Ivory,
we are promoting the Elephant Protection Initiative in order to stop poaching and halt the illegal trade in ivory.

News & events

Libyan Peace Process : Ollivier method


"Getting the irreconcilable discussed." This is one of the mantras of the "Ollivier method" reported in an article by Jihad Gillon, journalist at Jeune Afrique, about the action of Jean-Yves Ollivier, Founder and President of the Brazzaville Foundation, which aims to facilitate the development ...


The future evolution of our website


Dear visitors and web users, In order to better inform you, our site will undergo a first evolution in the coming days. Its presentation and navigation modes will therefore change, and new sharing functionalities will appear. Several of our friends wanted us to put more emphasis on the action we a...


Richard Amalvy appointed as new Chief executive of the Fou…


The Board of Trustees of the Brazzaville Foundation has appointed Mr. Richard Amalvy to the position of Chief executive. He took office on June 1, 2020. He succeeds Sir David Richmond who was appointed the Foundation's first CEO in 2015. Richard Amalvy has held a number of positions in intergovernm...


Webinar sur les faux médicaments le 05 juin 2020 à 17h00 (…


La Fondation Brazzaville est heureuse de vous inviter à participer au webinar " Comment lutter contre le trafic de médicaments et tests falsifiés favorisé par la pandémie ?", organisé en collaboration avec l'Initiative Women in Africa, qui aura lieu le vendredi 05 juin à 17h00 (heure de Pa...


Nomination of Philip Prettejohn as Honorary member of the …


Mr Philip Prettejohn, who was one of the Foundation's original trustees, was a made an honorary member of the Advisory Board on 1 January 2020 following his retirement as a trustee.


The Brazzaville Foundation and the DOC Research Institute …


We are pleased to announce the signature of a partnership agreement with the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute.  This partnership aims at pooling our knowledge and experience to enhance the work of both and work together on a range of issues, notably in the field of c...


[Op-ed] Combating criminal trafficking in counterfeit medi…


In a column published on Monday 11 May on the website of L'Opinion, Jean-Yves Ollivier, Chairman of the Brazzaville Foundation, and Jean-Louis Bruguière, member of the Brazzaville Foundation's Advisory Board, stress the need to maintain the fight against the traffic in fake ...


Covid-19 and fake medicines


In an article in The Guardian on the coronavirus pandemic and the risk of an increase in the circulation of fake medicines in Ghana, a WHO public health expert referred to the Lomé Initiative as a recent measure in the fight against this traffic.   Access the article via this link...


[Op-ed in Jeune Afrique]


In a column published on Friday 1 May on the website of Jeune Afrique, Jean-Yves Ollivier, Chairman of the Brazzaville Foundation, draws attention to the African Union’s willingness to support a dialogue on the Libyan conflict along the lines of the Dakar dialogue organised by the Foundation in...


Senegal honours Jean-Yves Ollivier


We are delighted and honoured to announce that the President of Senegal has appointed Mr Jean-Yves Ollivier, as Founder and Chairman of the Brazzaville Foundation, to the rank of Commander of the National Order of the Lion of Senegal. ...


Support to the WHO in efforts to deal with the pandemic


The Brazzaville Foundation is extremely grateful to the WHO for supporting the Lomé Initiative to combat the traffic in substandard and falsified medicines. As the Coronavirus pandemic creates unprecedented challenges for the world health community, including a dramatic increase ...


Covid-19 and the risk to the supply and quality of drugs


As COVID-19 research continues, it is critical that any approved drugs are safe and can be accessed by everybody throughout the world. 55 members of the campaign Medicines We Can Trust,from 20 countries,including David Richmond and Kim Doyle, CEO and Director of the Programmes and Par...