The Brazzaville Foundation supports the “Medicines We Can Trust” initiative in conjunction with the 71st World Health Assembly (WHA71)

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The Brazzaville Foundation supports the “Medicines We Can Trust” initiative in conjunction with the 71st World Health Assembly (WHA71)

On Wednesday May 23rd, in conjunction with the 71st World Health Assembly, the "Medicines We Can Trust" conference will be held. The Brazzaville Foundation is a partner of this event aiming to promote the right to effective medicines for all.

One in ten of the world's medicines is of poor quality, poorly manufactured or counterfeit. This alarming phenomenon gravely affects people’s health, especially in poorer regions of the world, erodes citizens’ faith in their health systems and may even threaten states’ security as the criminal economy underlying fake drug trafficking worsens.

While the 71st General Assembly of the World Health Organization (WHO) is being held this week in Geneva, the Brazzaville Foundation, alongside other organizations such as the Harvard Global Health Institute, is proud in supporting the “Medicines We Can Trust” initiative launched by the United States Pharmacopeia (U.S.P). This conference, organized on Wednesday, May 23rd in conjunction with the General Assembly, will bring together the leading experts on this topic at the international level to develop new ideas and a shared plan of actions for addressing this global crisis.

It is of the utmost urgency that the international community tackle this international public issue: the fight against substandard or counterfeit medicines requires the cooperation of all states – and not only those of the most affected regions, namely Africa or South-East Asia – to strengthen control over drug regulation, to detect fake drugs, to enforce laws and sanctions in a context of internationalized trafficking, and to increase awareness among patients and the broader public. The "Medicines We Can Trust" initiative is aimed at proposing possible solutions for eradicating these toxic substances from the lives of the most vulnerable.

By joining forces with the US Pharmacopeia, the Brazzaville Foundation seeks to build on its previous work in the African continent, where health and socio-economic development have been most heavily hit by falsified and substandard medicines. We have launched several advocacy initiatives to strengthen international and transnational coordination against this threat. Most recently, a conference organized on March 28th in London by the Brazzaville Foundation, in partnership with Harvard University's Global Health Institute, brought together health experts and government representatives around the table to exchange views on public health hazards caused by the proliferation of falsified and substandard medicines and on the solutions to curb this problem. We are pleased to reaffirm our commitment to ensuring quality in treatment for those all around the world.