A preparatory study for the Blue Fund

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A preparatory study for the Blue Fund

Important step forward for the Congo Basin Blue Fund: terms of reference for the preparatory study approved


At a meeting of the ad hoc co-ordination group held in Rabat on 12 March chaired by the Congolese Minister of the Environment and the Moroccan Minister of State for Sustainable Development, experts agreed on the terms of reference for a detailed, six month preparatory study. This will make recommendations on which the crucial decisions on the financing, the operational management and the strategic governance of the Congo Basin Blue Fund will be taken and draw up a first investment plan.

The Brazzaville Foundation, which participated in the meeting, warmly welcomes this outcome which brings the Congo Basin Blue Fund, a concept originally devised by the Foundation, an important step closer to realisation.



The Moroccan Minister of State for Sustainable Developmentvironment Nezha El Ouafi and the Congolese Minister of the Environment Arlette Soudan Nonault together with experts and focal points of the Congo Bassin including the representatives of the 4C and Sir David Richmond, the Chieg Executive of the Brazzaville Foundation.