The Fight Against the Traffic in Counterfeit Medicines

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The Fight Against the Traffic in Counterfeit Medicines

The Fight Against the Traffic in Counterfeit Medicines 

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During the ceremonies in Congo for the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding on the creation of the Congo Basin Blue Fund, the Brazzaville Foundation has launched a new initiative designed to raise awareness of the public health crisis caused by the rapidly growing traffic in counterfeit medicines. 


Our overall aim is to help African countries to conduct a political and media campaign to ensure that the international community treats the proliferation of counterfeit medicines as the major public health crisis it is and steps up cooperation in key areas such as: 

  • Establishing a credible law enforcement system, including tough, new penalties for manufacturing and trading counterfeit medicines; 
  • Ensuring the necessary resources are made available in support of greater international police coordination aimed at dismantling supply chains and bringing to justice the criminals responsible for this trade;
  • Mounting a major information campaign to alert the public, and particularly women who are the heart of family life, to the grave dangers posed by counterfeit medicines;
  • Promoting a dialogue between governments and the pharmaceutical industry to find a solution for all those who are forced to buy fake medicines because they do not have the means to buy real ones.



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