Our mission

We have the twin aims of peace and conservation because conflicts threaten the environment and are themselves increasingly the result of environmental pressures.

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The Foundation draws its inspiration from the Brazzaville Accords, which were signed in the Congolese capital on 13 December 1988. A key moment in the history of modern Africa, they led to a peaceful settlement of the conflicts in southern Africa, secured the independence of Namibia and paved the way for the release of Nelson Mandela and an end to apartheid.
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The Brazzaville Foundation is managed by an experienced Board of Trustees, supported by a Chief Executive and an international Advisory Board made up of highly distinguished individuals whose experience and expertise enable them to give guidance to the Foundation and assist it in its work. Our Patron is HRH Prince Michael of Kent GCVO.
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Our Activities

Our goal is to work for peace by developing cross border economic or environmental projects that bring countries and peoples together in peaceful cooperation and also by establishing dialogue between parties to a conflict through informal or parallel diplomacy.
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Sustainable Development in the Congo Basin

This is a project to enablethe countries of the Congo Basin develop their economies using the renewable water resources of the Congo and its tributaries rather than the exploitation of forest-based resources.

The traffic in falsified medicines

The Foundation is committed to raise awareness of the growing problem of falsified medicines, especially in Africa.

West African Migration Project

This project will examine migration from the perspective of a number of West African countries and identify what practical actions they can take to reduce migratory pressures with support from the international community.

Elephant Protection Work

Working with the NGO Stop Ivory,
we are promoting the Elephant Protection Initiative in order to stop poaching and halt the illegal trade in ivory.